Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss: The best Indian vegetarian diet plan you can follow

01/9Include Indian food in your diet plan!

Due to the rich diversity of the country, the traditional Indian diet differs from place to place. Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavour and use of vibrant spices. But on the other side, it is also considered to be very spicy and greasy. So, the first thing that comes to one’s mind whenever they think of weight loss, is that they have to give up their eating habits. But this is not necessary at all. You can even maintain the shape of your body by following a healthy Indian diet plan, all you need is to be a little mindful of what you eat. In fact, some Indian dishes are very healthy as they are full of protein and other essential nutrients.

One of the mantras for weight loss is to ‘eat in moderation’. You cannot starve yourself to maintain the shape of your body.

To keep yourself healthy use less oil and ghee in vegetables, dal, and other dishes. Eat rice in a moderate amount and have homemade food every day. Following this with the right type of exercise will fulfill your dream to get a perfect body.









Snacks are also an important portion of a weight loss diet plan. Eat healthy snacks to keep yourself full for a longer period of time between the meals. Replace high-calorie, sugary snacks with healthier options that will help you to keep in shape.

What to have: Handful of nuts, a bowl of fruit with unsweetened yogurt, sprout salad, roasted chickpeas, broth-based vegetable soup.