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Weight loss: Peanuts can help you lose weight – here is how to include them in your diet

Weight loss: Peanuts can help you lose weight - here is how to include them in your diet

New Delhi: Peanuts originated in South Africa and are called groundnuts, earthnuts, goobers, etc all around the world. They are a part of the legume food group. Peanuts are rich in protein, fat, and other healthy nutrients. Studies have shown that peanuts may be useful for weight loss, and may also be linked to a reduced risk of heart diseases.

Various studies have been conducted to understand the effects of peanuts consumption on weight management. Even when they are high in fat and calories, they do not lead to weight gain. In fact, some observational evidence shows that they may help in weight loss and reduce the risk of obesity.

Reasons, why peanuts may help in weight loss, can narrowed down to the following –

  • The high fibre content makes you feel fuller, curbing appetite
  • A high content of monosaturated fat and protein accelerate calorie burning
  • Since peanuts are so filling, you may not consume other foods that would lead to weight gain

How to consume peanuts for weight loss?

Peanuts are consumed in various forms all around the world. Eaten raw, like peanut butter, peanut oil, roasted peanuts, etc. However, if your motive is to lose weight, here is how you must consume peanuts.

Peanut butter

If you are thinking of consuming peanut butter for weight loss, remember that moderation is key. 2-3 spoons of peanut butter serving, consumed two to three times a week, is the recommended amount. If you overdo it, you are likely to counter the benefits with the excess calorie count.

Add them to protein-rich foods

If you add peanuts to protein-rich foods like grilled chicken, salads, etc, you increase the meal’s power to keep you fuller, and curb appetite. Foods that make you feel fuller help in losing weight by reducing hunger pangs.

Eat them as a mid-day snack

Peanuts can act as a great snack when eaten raw, or even roasted. Peanuts are a filling snack, and just a handful of nuts will reduce hunger. Such snacks can come in handy in the middle of the day when you are hungry, do not know what to eat, and any junk will mess your weight loss diet.