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Weight loss: How hari mirchi (green chilli) can help you lose weight

01/73 incredible ways green chilli can help you lose weight

When we are on a quest to lose weight, we tend to try everything and anything to shed those stubborn kilos. However, instead of searching for the ‘perfect’ weight loss diet that promises dramatic results, it is advisable to start with basic lifestyle changes. Infact, certain simple additions to your daily diet can prove to be more fruitful than weight loss supplements.

02/7​The humble hari mirchi

​The humble hari mirchi

If you enjoy spicy food and love adding a dash of spice to whatever you eat, we just may have the perfect weight loss accompaniment for you. A lot of people love chomping on green chillies with their meals and it is also one of the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine. From adding it to their dal for ‘tadka’, munching it raw to frying it, people consume green chillies in various ways.

Not many know that in addition to that tangy, pricking taste, green chillies have some amazing health benefits as well. They are not only packed with vitamin C but are also rich in antioxidants and dietary fibres. Additionally, they also contain vitamin A, potassium and iron.

03/7​How green chilli helps in weight loss

​How green chilli helps in weight loss

It speeds up the metabolism

If you are trying to lose weight, adding green chilli to your diet can help your body burn the excess fat. This happens because when you’re eating anything spicy, it speeds up your metabolism for around 3 hours after the consumption.

04/7​It increases satiety

​It increases satiety

According to a study published in Appetite, eating spicy food is linked to an increased feeling of fullness and a decrease in appetite. It may also ensure that one does not overeat.

05/7​It promotes weight loss

​It promotes weight loss

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in the year 2008, capsaicin, an active compound present in chillies may lead to abdominal fat loss.

06/7​How to include green chilly in your daily diet

​How to include green chilly in your daily diet

The best part about green chillies is that you do not really need to be creative to include it in your daily diet. For example, if you enjoy having an omelette or besan ka cheela for breakfast, you can add diced green chillies to the same. Similarly, you can also slice a chilli or two and add it to your dal during tadka. People can also eat it raw along with their food to enjoy the kick of spice.

07/7​A word of caution

It is important to note that those suffering from stomach ailments should have a word with their doctor before adding green chillies (or any spicy food) to their diet. Remember, moderation is the key and it is strongly advisable not to go overboard with the consumption of green chillies.