Top 6 Winter Care Tips To Keep In Mind During Pregnancy

Top 6 Winter Care Tips To Keep In Mind During Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful phases of life for every woman. But one has to take care of your health if you are pregnant. Pregnancy can lead to physical and mental stress. Physical changes in the body combined with hormonal changes can take a toll on woman’s body. Moreover, if you are pregnant during winters you need to keep in mind some things. The chilly weather is associated with common cold, infections, cough and fever. Also, the prevalent dryness or lack of moisture in the air is also a thing one needs to be careful about. Pregnant women during winter should take care of their immunity levels by eating a nutritious diet and keeping the skin hydrated.


Pregnancy can lead to physical and mental stress.
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6 ways to survive a winter pregnancy:

  • Pregnant women should take the flu vaccine as the immune system gets a bit week during pregnancy. It has been declared by The Center for Disease Control that the flu vaccine is safe and advisable for expectant mothers and unborn babies.
  • It is very important to boost your immunity by eating healthy foods. Some healthy foods include spinach, ginger, Indian gooseberry, almonds, yoghurt, garlic, milk, fatty fish, red bell peppers and broccoli.
  • When a woman is pregnant, her body is even more sensitive. Therefore, try exposing your body to extreme weather conditions and germs as this can be harmful for both mother and the baby. Excessive cold may even make you fall sick. Try stay indoors as much as possible. Even when you step outside wear enough woolens o keep you warm
  • In winters, we often forget or avoid drinking water due to the cold weather. It might not seem necessary but the body needs extra water during winters because of the dry winter air. Therefore, try sipping adequate water throughout the day. A well-hydrated body helps protect you from other illnesses as well. Ensure that you do not consume sweetened beverages. Instead go for some healthy options like tea, coffee, soup or fresh fruit juices.
  • Winters can make you feel lazy. But try to keep yourself active. Indulge in some light exercises like walk or simple yoga steps. This will help you and the baby and also keep you warm.
  • Due to dry air, you skin generally gets dry and cracks. Try using some essential oils like coconut oil and apricot oil. Frequently apply creams, soothing oils and lotions. As your abdomen expands, the skin will also tend to stretch and stretching of dry skin is extremely painful. There is high possibility that stretch marks in such cases would also be more.