Mothers-To-Be, Here Are Some Expert-Recommended Exercises For A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy

Mothers-To-Be, Here Are Some Expert-Recommended Exercises For A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy

Exercise is an important prerequisite for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can make you feel at your best. It helps in improving posture and decreases common discomforts such as fatigue and backaches. Celebrity fitness expert Kayla Itsines recently took everyone by surprise by announcing that she is in her second trimester. In a series of stories (now highlights) on Instagram, she announced that she is 20 weeks pregnant. She also revealed the kind of changes she bought to her workout routine, and uploaded a few posts about exercises that are safe to be done during second trimester of pregnancy.

Being physically active during pregnancy can help in preventing gestational diabetes, relieve stress and build more stamina for labour and delivery, says WebMd. It is important to know that you cannot do the same exercise as you were before getting pregnant. You need to exercise at the level which is comfortable for you. The intensity of both cardio and weight training exercises need to be reduced during pregnancy.

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In her Instagram highlights titled pregnancy, Kayla mentions that her workout routine during pregnancy includes modified exercises, lots of walking, exercises in higher reps but lower weights, constant monitoring of heart rate. Jumping exercises are completely off the table for Kayla during pregnancy.

“I did actually did my absolute best. I walked every day. I trained when I could. But I did feel constantly nauseous and did have morning sickness,” she writes on her story on Instagram.

This information coming straight from a celebrity fitness expert with more than 10 million followers is a testimony to the fact that being physically active is the best way for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Watch the video below to know a full body workout which you can do during second trimester of your pregnancy.