Man Alive! 5 Ways to Have Better Dates and Relationships in Midlife How to go from feeling resentful or unfulfilled to inspired and excited in relationships.

Dating and relationships are challenging at any age but midlife comes with particular challenges!

Bodies droop
Sexuality can fade
There’s more responsibility at work
We can be more set in our ways and resistant to change
There are more people to take care of (Sometimes kids, parents, and friends all need attention)

It’s NOT easy.

At the same time though, when we orient toward a more mature kind of dating and relationship, there is amazing potential for deeper love and even more passion. 

In today’s Man Alive podcast episode I share my experience coaching men and women over the past 15 years, and my own dating and relationship experience in midlife and after divorce, to bring you:

  • 5 ways to tap into the power and beauty of dating and relationships in midlife
  • Why some parts of love become easier as we get older
  • How to go from feeling resentful or unfulfilled to inspired and excited in relationships
  • A surprising way to create more spark 
  • My personal stories and learnings about dating and relationships post-divorce

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