How To Practice Kindness

Friendship can enrich your life and improve your health. Adding small touches of kindness into your friendships can improve them and help the other person in the relationship feel valued. Not everyone has the same love language, though, so it’s a good idea to try to incorporate various ways of practicing kindness into your interactions.

Small Gifts

Many people get a thrill from receiving a thoughtful gift from a friend. The present doesn’t have to be extravagant, though. You can get gift baskets under $50 that show you are thinking of your friend.

Fun Outings

You may have a busy schedule, but don’t let that keep you from spending time with your friends. In fact, making the effort to set time aside for them communicates that you care especially if they know you are busy. Choosing to make people a priority in your life shows kindness.

Great Conversations

There is a place for small talk when you are first getting to know someone or trying to make a good impression at work. In your closer, personal relationships, however, try to broach deeper subjects. When a friend needs a good listener, the kind thing to do is to pay attention and offer meaningful feedback. Feeling understood can help someone overcome sadness or anger more easily.

Physical Confirmation

Sometimes, there are no words for what another person is feeling. Friends who are sad or overwhelmed may just need a hug. If you are not comfortable offering an embrace or you don’t know if the other person would like it, a pat on the arm or hand may do the trick. Human touch can be very healing. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is say nothing and let your actions speak for themselves.

Being a good friend doesn’t have to be complicated. Practicing little acts of kindness can help friends feel loved and appreciated.