Everything You Should Know Concerning Toothaches

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Toothache is any pain or soreness experienced around or in a tooth. Toothaches can be frustrating and uncomfortable, especially when they happen at night. Besides the sensitivity that toothaches bring, the pain prevents you from biting and chewing. You have probably experienced a toothache at some point in your life. When you get to the dental clinic for treatment, your dentist will most likely perform an X-ray. It is essential in getting to the bottom of the toothache. But, the dentist can also perform dental examinations based on your medical history.

Dental Appointment

If you have a constant toothache, it is advisable to visit a dentist park slope right away for treatment. Remember that pains are usually a sign of something wrong with your teeth or mouth. Therefore, you should never put up with persistent pain. If you have not had your teeth cleaned in the last year, you should probably schedule an appointment with a dentist. Also, Schedule a dental appointment if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, loosening teeth, bleeding gums or persistent bad breath.

Common Causes

Toothaches can be caused by various things, such as loose or broken fillings and cavities. Other reasons for pains include bacterial infections and cracked or fractured tooth. Toothaches can also be caused by conditions such as receding gums, bite problems and periodontal abscesses.

Possible Treatment

Once the dentist has diagnosed the cause of your persistent toothache, the next thing is treatment. The treatment options are based on the severity of the dental condition. The dentist may recommend medication, such as pain control medicines or antibiotics. You may also need oral devices or a dental procedure.

You can avoid toothaches by maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Regular dental check-ups are equally essential in detecting dental problems early. Remember that smoking causes toothaches too.