Benefits of Assisted Living for Aging Loved Ones

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When we see loved ones struggling to sustain the life they’ve built, we must perform the balancing act of ensuring they receive an appropriate level of care without undermining their need for freedom. For seniors still striving to stay active but unable to complete certain everyday life tasks, an assisted living center may provide the perfect fit.

A Happy Medium

“Assisted living” falls on an intermediate level within the senior living continuum, and may be the most broadly defined elder care option. Generally speaking, assisted living denver covers anything between relative independence and a need for 24-hour medical care. Usually, the setting is a retirement home.

Everything In One Place

The upside of assisted living is having all amenities in the same building. Most facilities are ADA-compliant and feature private apartments for the residents, and while they may not have kitchens for safety reasons, a community dining room serves three meals a day, cooked according to a state-sanctioned nutrition plan for the elderly. There’s also a wide array of social events, including birthday celebrations, game nights, crafts, aerobics, and even organized field trips into the community. A nurse is available at any hour for basic ailments, and the facility arranges residents’ transportation to medical appointments.

Living With Assistants

Retirement homes have attendants to help residents with so-called “activities of daily living.” These skills include but are not limited to dressing, bathing, and feeding oneself, using the toilet, taking medications, or just getting around. These people put the “assist” in assisted living, ensuring your loved ones can continue living comfortably.

Memory Care

Many retirement homes have “memory care” wings for non-dangerous dementia sufferers. These secure wards offer special activities to stimulate patients’ minds. There are countless studies demonstrating how a mind kept active can stay agile for a longer time. Memory care keeps our loved ones alert for as long as possible.

Like they did for us, we must give our loved ones the care they need while preserving their sense of self-worth. Investigate assisted living complexes in your area.