3 Popular Holistic Medicine Trends

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If you are interested in alternative healing methods for health conditions, then you may be wondering what options you have besides going to the doctor. Here are some ways that you can feel better, without having to rely on pharmaceuticals.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be diffused, applied topically with carrier oil or used in room sprays and other products. There are many key essential oils that have been shown to have proven health benefits. Ginger oil, for example, can reduce nausea and help to regulate the digestive system. Applying lavender oil will have a calming effect and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can design the perfect essential oil regimen for your health needs.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is rising as a way to reduce symptoms for a variety of chronic conditions and illnesses. For medicinal purposes, it is often used in the form of CBD edibles, creams, lotions and oils. It is easy to find a dispensary or seller in your area if marijuana is legal where you live. For instance, if you reside in Chicago, you can search for chicago medicinal marijuana. You are sure to have plenty of options for whatever ailment you want to solve.


Originating from Asia, acupuncture is known for its unique method of putting needles in the skin at points that are designed to help relieve a variety of symptoms. Primarily, patients consult acupuncture practices to help with physical pain, but there is evidence that acupuncture can assist with many other types of sicknesses as well.

You do not have to rely on modern, Western medicine completely if you are suffering from health problems or chronic illness. With these methods, you can confidently formulate a plan for tackling your issues without worrying about dangerous medications or unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments.